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Kaipola Circular

Kaipola Circular is a technology company that is revolutionizing the way we recycle plastic waste. By using pyrolysis, we are able to convert plastic waste into oil that can be used to make new plastic products. This not only reduces plastic waste in landfills but also reduces the need for new plastic production, contributing towards a more sustainable future.

Kaipola Circular Oy

Welcome to Kaipola Circular, a dynamic and forward-thinking company that is leading the charge in sustainable plastic recycling. Established in 2022 and nestled in the picturesque city of Jämsä, right in the heart of Finland, our mission is to spearhead a circular economy for plastics while collaborating with global circulating companies and offtake partners.

How Our Technology Works

At the heart of our operations lies our advanced pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process that breaks down plastic waste into its constituent elements under controlled conditions, without the presence of oxygen. This results in the conversion of plastic waste into a liquid fuel product known as pyrolysis oil or synthetic crude.

12 Million

Full-scale Chemical Recycling facility is capable of recycling approx. 12million kilos of plastic waste per annum

9 Million

approx.9 million liters of Advanced Bio-oil per annum


The plastic footprint of 240,000 people per year

At Kaipola Circular, we use pyrolysis to break down plastic waste into its basic components. The process involves heating the plastic at high temperatures without oxygen, which results in the production of oil and gas. The oil can be used to create new plastic products, while the gas can be used to generate electricity or to fuel our production process. Our technology has already helped us to recycle millions of kilograms of plastic waste and produce millions of liters of oil.

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